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I have used chuck as my real estate agent for several he years now and I highly reccomend him. He doesn’t push you into doing something you don’t want. He is also great with rental properties

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Chuck is a very knowledgable and resourceful agent. He was able to help me buy and sell my home in a quick and painless manner.

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I originally contacted Chuck to assist with buying my first home in 2005. Like many first time buyers, I made a series of mistakes that amounted in being pre-approved for too little of an amount. Chuck impressed me with his patience, met me at several properties and essentially taught me a lot of basics. Despite this, I decided it was the wrong time to buy and I reluctantly told Chuck. Even after I had wasted several hours of his time, Chuck was professional and understanding. He really impressed me so I agreed to give him a call if I started to look again.

I was eventually ready to buy a home in 2009 and, despite several friends referring me to others, contacted Chuck. Reflecting back on this, I knew I could trust Chuck and I needed someone like him to guide me through a potentially difficult process. Unlike my first attempt, I decided to Chuck first. My trust and belief in Chuck’s abilities was well founded. A few weeks after my call my wife and I were moving into a home that exceeded our expectations.

It is hard to explain the feeling of waking up in a home I really love, but easy to communicate that I’d prefer not to live without it. Thanks, Chuck. I’m really glad we met and I hope you are doing well.

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After numerous attempts at finding a Broker to assist us in finding a home, we decided to call the number of a random sign we had seen while driving through a neighborhood. So I dialed the number and the phone was promptly answered by Chuck. To my surprise, he didn’t sound rushed, no sense of being to busy to listen to me rant and rave about the difficulties I had experienced. Instead what I heard was understanding, a willingness to help, and most importantly confidence in his ability to find the home we were so desperately seeking. Chuck took the time to understand what we were in search of, and worked diligently to line up several options for us to view. He also patiently showed us homes that we simply wanted to see, despite having already informed us of reasons why the home deviated from our list of “must haves”. During the entire process Chuck made sure the we knew that we owned our decision, while lending his expertise along the way. Chuck expertly negotiated on our behalf, promptly responded to any questions or concerns, and ensured we were aware and informed every step of the way. The result was our purchase of a beautiful home, for what we feel was deal in our favor (and the market reflects that). We absolutely will look to Chuck to guide us through the sale of our home, and next home purchase. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have an expert like Chuck on your side. I highly recommend Chuck Moran as a broker. I emphatically suggest that you afford him a few minutes of your time when considering a Broker, I am sure you will find yourself glad you did.

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Chuck and Marsha are a winning team! They are very helpful, knowledgeable, and resourceful. Chuck is very thorough when evaluating investment properties for his investors. He is very hands-on and knows what to look for and asks the right questions.

One think I can really say about Chuck is that he is a great communicator and will not leave you guessing. We look forward to working on our next deal together and HIGHLY recommend their services!

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We highly recommend Chuck and Marsha Moran as your go to Realtor. When we had questions they responded immediately. They know the area. They kept us informed from start to finish and with us living our of state at the time they were our eyes and ears during the process.

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